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Insurance Carriers and Plan Options:
Offering a range of plans to meet your needs.

Products include Hospital Indemnity, Supplemental Medical Expense, Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness and Vision Insurance.

Just like no two companies are exactly alike, neither are their insurance needs. We offer multiple carriers and a range of coverages. It all depends on the degree of coverage you wish to obtain.  We also offer life, dental, and short and long-term disability insurance.

The York Builders Insurance Trust has an exclusive relationship with South Central Preferred (Wellspan Network). More than 95% of local doctors participate. We are the only entity that can quote these plans.
A consultant with The Patton Group, the agency that secures your policy for the York Builders Association, is available at our office to help you compare plans and rates, and help answer questions, if needed.
And just because we might not have been able to help you in the past, doesn’t mean we can’t help you now.
Just remember, plan comparisons and quotes are free, and we’ll gladly work with you to improve your coverage, and eliminate the frustration of calling an 800 number for claim questions and service.



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